Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit: ‘Quiet, Positive & Inspiring’

According to the authors of Chinese astrology, today officially inaugurates the Year of the Rabbit, which is, according to an article I just read, “significantly less stormy than the [Tiger year] we just endured. Chinese astrologers are projecting quiet, positive and inspiring things to come.” Sounds good to me: just the recipe for heightened creativity, and I’ve got a lot planned.

Right now I’m working up a whole new group of anthropomorphic busts; everything from mice to March Hares; frogs to birds. Plus, I’m beginning a new direction: exotic creatures from other countries; a Tarsier from the Phillippines, an Aye-Aye from Madagascar, and a Jerboa from Africa, all of which I’m very enthused about….but I digress. More on all of that in upcoming posts.

In honor of today being the first day of the Year of the Rabbit, I’m sharing one of last season’s delightful and unforseen collaborations: meet here my White Rabbit (#4), an uncostumed doll from my Etsy shop’s ‘Destash’ collection purchased by a fellow Estian, talented artist in her own right and a delight to collaborate with. She asked me, immediately upon purchasing the White Rabbit, to come up with some costume sketches, and when she couldn’t decide which one she liked best, kindly commissioned me to make them all (in the midst of another collaboration we were already engaged in!! How lucky am I?) Look for more Rabbits from me in the coming weeks, of all sizes, colors and provenance.


  1. I discovered your work on Chris Chomick and Peter Meder's Etsy shop in their circle of friends. Your work is wonderful. You now have eight followers!

  2. Wow, EIGHT followers now? I really need to get on the ball!! Thanks, Len, for the kind words, and i promise my blog updates are gonna pick up from here... I love Chris and Peter's work; they're a great couple of people and SO talented. Welcome to my humble blog. Do you have an Etsy shop or blog?

  3. Your rabbits are fabulous, and I'll be off to check out your etsy shop.
    So much to do Etsy, facebook, blogger,'s a miracle any of us find time to create, lol.
    I'm jo from Twisted Whimsey on the Imaginarium team.
    Both Cassie and I have blogs and I have a face book page for my real-time shop. They are all listed on the profile page on Etsy.