Friday, November 16, 2012

New Work on my Etsy Shop

Running around like a madwoman with too many (just enough) projects. Writing about what i'm doing seems a superfluous luxury right now. Just DOING it at the moment and will hopefully have a moment (when the mad rush thins a bit) to pop in and embroider it with description and explanation where any might be needed.

Below is a tray of recently finished stoneware busts and limb sets for my Etsy shop. More coming. Working too on several commissions and the initial throes of a lifelong dream: taking Animation Classes at NYU... more on THAT as soon as i finish my Final Project for the first class: Concept Art &Character Design. I'm stressed, have resorted to the worst of my eating/sleeping habits as i careen from one project to another, and am loving every minute of it. The thought of trying to work in time to blog about it seems fairly absurd. So why not?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


(More to Follow; i'm scrambling to get ready now, but will post a few teasers as the weeks go by...)
Details on the conference are to be found at:

Off we go!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dusting Off the Blog: A Peek at "Nellie Also"

Well it's been ages. No excuses, and a brief apology... irons in the fire must make room for one more. Without further ado, a brief visitation to my worktable for a glimpse of what's coming to

I am inexplicably and delightfully visited by a herd of lovely people from all over the globe who commission GOATS from me; of both regular and anthropomorphic persuasions); the newest 'kid' on my block is named Nellie, and she's getting fitted with a wardrobe of 1940's style dresses constructed out of vintage fabrics. This Nellie is a reprise of a commission done for a collector in Washington D.C., who's a sheer delight to collaborate with... more on her shortly.

The first of three is a sweetheart dress with a shawl collar done up in a swingy black fabric dotted with jazzy orange graphics that look a bit like balls of yarn... Above is a sketch and swatch, along with a glimpse of the dress in progress, below. Once the collar's on, i'm making a smart shrug of that bright, yellow-orange heathered wool to the right of the swatch fabric above. This ensemble also gets a sheer black organza slip that will share double-duty with dress number two...
...which will be an elegant mix of black and silver shot silk and linen with a rose motif on a pieced bodice, and a floral sailor-inspired ensemble, which will show up next post.