Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit: ‘Quiet, Positive & Inspiring’

According to the authors of Chinese astrology, today officially inaugurates the Year of the Rabbit, which is, according to an article I just read, “significantly less stormy than the [Tiger year] we just endured. Chinese astrologers are projecting quiet, positive and inspiring things to come.” Sounds good to me: just the recipe for heightened creativity, and I’ve got a lot planned.

Right now I’m working up a whole new group of anthropomorphic busts; everything from mice to March Hares; frogs to birds. Plus, I’m beginning a new direction: exotic creatures from other countries; a Tarsier from the Phillippines, an Aye-Aye from Madagascar, and a Jerboa from Africa, all of which I’m very enthused about….but I digress. More on all of that in upcoming posts.

In honor of today being the first day of the Year of the Rabbit, I’m sharing one of last season’s delightful and unforseen collaborations: meet here my White Rabbit (#4), an uncostumed doll from my Etsy shop’s ‘Destash’ collection purchased by a fellow Estian, talented artist in her own right and a delight to collaborate with. She asked me, immediately upon purchasing the White Rabbit, to come up with some costume sketches, and when she couldn’t decide which one she liked best, kindly commissioned me to make them all (in the midst of another collaboration we were already engaged in!! How lucky am I?) Look for more Rabbits from me in the coming weeks, of all sizes, colors and provenance.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catch Up!

Well, things got really busy over at my Etsy shop from my last post in September, and stayed busy right up thru a long holiday hiatus with my family. So now it’s time to ramp up the blogging; lots to catch up on, and lots of new projects on the worktable…

William, Goat of Win” scampered halfway ‘round the world to Australia, taking up residence with a lovely and talented collector/costumier there, and (thru her kindred colleagues) prompted several more goats, and a cat, as well as some interesting spins on custom ordered finishes for a few destash items already in my shop. Over the next several weeks, look for updates with pictures of each of these pieces and some words from their collectors, who’ve collaborated with me from afar, by costuming them with a finesse that’s just astonished and delighted me!! (And if you’re inspired, drop by my Etsy shop, hit that “Request Custom Item” button and start one of your own!!)

For today, meet Rascal: a Boston Terrier pet portrait commissioned by one of my oldest friends for his niece for Christmas. He was a secret right up until the holiday, so he never made it onto my Etsy shop…

Rascal is a beloved pet, apparently the subject of great doting from her; she dresses him up and takes him with her everywhere .

I did him as a puppy-boy, with two costumes: one as a mischievous scamp in a heathered sweater that has a two-pointed hood on the back for his ears, and one as a ‘little Lord Fauntleroy’ type, complete with lace collar and cuffs. I had great fun with this piece, and word from my friend’s Christmas gala was that Rascal was a ‘big hit.’ So I’m pleased to share him here.
For a glimpse at pet portraits from years gone by, during my years in Nashville, see the link to my Flickr page on the right margin of this blog. As we sit cocooned in all our snow up here in NYC, i plot my Spring lineup, replete with rabbits, eggs, and perhaps some more exotic creatures, like tarsiers, jerboas, and aye-ayes... [oh my-my...]
Happy New Year, Everybody.