Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teaching at NIADA School, San Francisco, June 2013

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I am teaching an Anthropomorphic Doll Bust Sculpture Class at the NIADA School immediately preceding the Conference in San Francisco, June 2013.

There are a range of fascinating classes being taught, and the conference is always a friendly crowd and great programs, and as the website says: "It's not just for members!!" Come Join Us for a great time in a beautiful city...

I will be posting a few 'teaser' articles over the next few weeks to promote the class and also hope to be offering similar classes in the New York-Tri-State area, so if you know of a venue you'd like me to look into, please feel free to drop me a line at !
I will basically be teaching students how to prepare and sculpt stoneware clay into slabs and hollow cones from which to create their own one-of-a-kind anthropomorphic busts on which to base a doll.

I will cover various species of animal heads; birds, mammals, reptiles, fish; and we will be exploring character, surface detailing, and incorporating high-fire ceramic stains into the clay before firing. The two-day class will conclude with demonstrations in hand- and feet- or shoe-sculpture. If students arrive at a set of doll parts that they like and want to preserve for the trip home, access to her studio kiln has graciously been offered by Stephanie Blythe, and we'll let the finished pieces dry, and  fire them for any students that are staying through the end of the conference. An added 'bonus' for conference attendees: I plan to offer a free demo on my process of waxing fired wares before assembling them into finished dolls, with preference given to students' work created in the class!

More forthcoming; I am presently working up figures for the upcoming NIADA Conference and will have updates soon!